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The day of June 15 turned out to be a beautiful day. The weather, after over a week of constant observation, was a perfect summer's day.

That morning, Randye had a healthy breakfast, while Paul, with his Kerstein stomach, barely forced down half a buttered bagel and some apple juice. However, once he set off for the Harding-Allen Estate, it was full speed ahead with plenty of tasks to keep him busy getting ready for the ceremony.

Once Paul finished putting the chuppah together with his groomsman, Erik, and Randye's brother, D.J. all that was left to do was wait for the band and the Rabbi to show up and to avoid looking at Randye as she constantly seemed to wander everywhere that Paul was.

Finally, it there was an hour left before the ceremony, and everyone retired to their respective rooms to get dressed and ready. It was a nervous hour as Paul's Best Man, Chris, and his Groomsman, Erik, got dressed as best as they could between urgent errands for Paul. Meanwhile, on the girls' side of the mansion, Randye made herself as beautiful as she could, despite the fact that her Maid of Honor, Diana, and Bridesmaid, Tina kept tying up the mirror.

Before we knew it, it was time to sign our ketubah with our witnesses and then head down to the gardens to get married. Most of you were there to see it happen so there's really no need to blather on, but here are a few shots of our ceremony and first dance, taken by friends and family.

To see the best of the best of our professional photos, feel free to check out our Ofoto account. You can browse and purchase any photos you'd like. (Kudos go out to April and Glenn of Glenn Livermore Photography. They were the coolest photographers to work with and did a beautiful job.)