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Paul took the above photo of the resort while he was snorkeling in the waters right outside of our cabana. Ours was the honeymoon cabana and is dead center, hidden from view by several coconut palms.

Back to our cottage...the photo to the left and below shows us posing and relaxing on the little spit of beach directly in front of our cottage. We were literally 12 feet from the water's edge. We dubbed our beach, which jutted out into the water, "Coconut Point" due to the coconut tree that grew out and over the water. We even discovered a small school of needlefish that constantly hovered in the water, under the shade of the tree. The beach in front of our cottage was a nice shaded area with about 5 coconut trees.

The picture at the bottom left gives you a view of the ocean from inside our porch and shows a better idea of the total area outside the front of our cottage. Each day and night, there was a constant Caribbean breeze throughout our thatched cottage and we were lulled to sleep at night by the continuous lapping of the ocean. At night, we were also treated to gorgeous views of the moon and stars which cast a beautiful glow onto the water. There were also a couple of nights with thunderstorms emanating from huge clouds that were miles off the coast. These were really amazing to watch.

The bottom photo shows Paul's best side as he plods into the Caribbean.