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After our "Survivor" leg of the honeymoon, we drove across Belize to the fishing village of Placencia and our luxurious destination, the Turtle Inn. The Inn is located right on the beach, on the Caribbean side of a peninsula that goes miles down the coast of the country. The peninsula is less than a mile across at its widest point. The menu here also had a full breakfast with an Italian style lunch and dinner menu. (Both resorts are owned by Francis Ford Coppola.)

Turtle Inn was even nicer then Blancaneaux Lodge. The top photo shows the freshwater pool and the "Laughing Fish" bar on the beach, seen from the main lodge building by the road. Our cottage was along the beach to the left of the pool.

The photo to the left shows the front porch of our beachside honeymoon cottage. Randye is looking at the Caribbean.

The bottom left photo shows the view of our room and bed from the porch. The bed is modeled after the old Polynesian honeymoon beds. The two bottom right photos show the indoor (left) and outdoor (right) sections of our bathroom. The inside was teak and tile, while the outside was a rock garden enclosed by stone walls, with an outdoor bamboo shower. Randye was a huge fan of the outdoor shower.