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After wandering around the excavation at Caracol, we went to the famous Rio Frio Cave. The cave was used by local Mayans for hundreds of years as a place to live as well as carry out religious sacrifices. The cave is unique as it was created by a river as many are, but allows the visitor to enter one end, and exit the other which is about 400 feet through the cave. The whole area had a very Jurassic Park look and feel to it, very primeval.

The top photo shows the entrance to the cave, that is about 150 feet high. The photo to the left shows the view out of the entrance. Inside, you can walk around along one wall, look into nooks to see families of small bats, find Mayan pottery and skeletal remains, and even go down the steps from the wall to the beach like peninsula to the river that flows gently inside.

At the end of our long day, we swam at the Rio On Pools and Falls on another tributary to the Macal River. Notice the difference in the flora from the cave area and the falls area. In the span of one day, we drove from pine forest to jungle to rain forest and back to pine forest. In Belize, its all rain forest though, as the country averages from 86 to 108 inches of rain each year.