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In addition to meeting lots of super-friendly Belizians, we had a never ending supply of insect, bird, reptilian and mammal guests to our cabana. This young gecko on our screen was a welcome visitor, feeding on the terribly annoying mosquitos, gnats and winged termites. We also had a nocturnal mouse partake of our Fritos on the courtesy bar, two Jesus Christ lizards who loved to dine on winged termites on our porch, and a variety of colorful and uniquely musical birds.

Our first full day there, we decided to hike two miles through the mountains for a swim at Big Rock Falls, on the left. Naturally, Paul being the experienced woodsman, decided to ignore the logs which were placed on the trail to the falls for a reason. There he is on the far left, with one clean jungle boot and one covered in limestone mud after he fancied himself as a pathfinder.

On the second day, Randye and Paul went with a delightful English couple to the Mayan ruins at Caracol. At the welcome center which was loaded with models, pictures, and artifacts, Randye made friends with one of the millions of butterflies (mariposa in Spanish) that made the area their home. Eat your heart out, Walt Disney!